About us:

Bambou Rugs is a small and ethical business that produce Art Deco Modern Rugs. All of our rugs are handmade from high quality Bamboo Silk (90%), and New Zealand wool (10%). 

We design our rugs in Melbourne, Australia and are made in China.

Why China?

All of our rugs are made from Bamboo Silk. China has lots of access to that specific material, and can be nearly impossible to source elsewhere.

We aim to satisfy your needs to make your home, office, wherever it may be, to feel beautiful and luxurious! It's important to us to have a good relationship with our customers as we are a small business that is just starting out and care about your concerns and inquiries. 


What is Bamboo Silk? 

Bamboo silk is derived from Bamboo! Bamboo silk is a type of natural viscose. Cellulose is extracted from the plant and formed into a sticky paste. After extraction, the cellulose is then left to dry. Once dried, it is expelled to become a soft silky fibre. The result is a fibre that feels like a cloud, and is soft and cool to the touch. It is extremely durable and has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.

Is it Eco-Friendly?

Yes, It just so happens that our bamboo grows in Asia, and it grows like a weed. The bamboo does not require irrigation, is happy in an array of dirt, does not require pesticides, and grows like a weed. Just how fast? Some species of bamboo can grow three feet in a day.

Basic Care

Since the fibres of your bamboo silk rug are not as resilient as wool or other types of fibres, then you will want to avoid placing your rug in a high traffic area. Placing your rug near an entryway should be avoided.

Rugs that are placed in direct sunlight can be in danger of fading. The sun’s rays will cause the dyes in the fibres to fade or bleach out completely.

Vacuuming Your Bamboo Silk Rug

If you use a vacuum cleaner on your rug, you will want to raise the bristle bar up so as not to catch on the threads. It would be easier on your rug to use a regular broom or a manual rolling vacuum. Whenever you are sweeping or vacuuming, you always want to go in the direction of the pile, never against it.

Cleaning Up Spills

While you should generally attempt to keep your bamboo silk rug in an area that is not prone to spills, but it may happen that something gets dripped on your rug. If this happens, do not rub at the spill as that will just spread it to additional fibres. Always blot at the stains with a paper towel to soak up any of the excess liquids. If the spill is for something that may leave a stain, use a paper towel that has been dampened with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Remember to blot instead of rubbing.